Friday, March 28, 2014

My Visits to the Tiger Pause After-school Sites

I have known of Tiger Pause Ministry since its beginning when Dave Lichius started it while on staff at Geneva College. I have not followed its growth over the years and was pleased to see where it is today under Matt Nance’s leadership. As a retired person seeking a new ministry experience, I volunteered to help in this ministry. For my introduction to the Tiger Pause Ministry, it was my privilege to visit each of the six youth centers during the month of March.  What follows are my reflections of these visits.
My first visit was to the Boys’ Center where I observed several middle school young men enjoying their time with Chez, their leader. I was immediately embraced by several students who were curious as to why I was there.  I told them I wanted to take some pictures and make them famous on Facebook! They embraced the experience and performed for me as you can see from the video previously uploaded to our Facebook page.
My second visit was to the Morado Center. There I met Mrs. Tench and her Geneva volunteers working with several elementary school students. They enjoyed a snack and then moved to separate areas to do their homework. Thanks to all the Geneva students who are called to this mentoring role.
My third visit was to the Downtown Center located in the Lutheran Church.  Mrs. Davis and her Geneva volunteers were helping some 30 elementary students with homework. I tried not to disturb them as they were deep into their studies. What a joy to see these mentors and students working so closely together.
My next two visits were to the Harmony and Pleasantview Centers. At the Harmony Center. I met Mrs. Boughter supervising her 15 elementary school students along with her helpers. They loved getting their pictures taken. At the Pleasantview Center, I got reacquainted with Miss Sanna, a student of mine from Geneva 10 years ago. What a joy to see these Geneva graduates continuing with their ministry gifts!  She and Karis were working with a small group of elementary school students.
My last visit was to the Midland Center. (This one was way out there and hard to find!) There I met Mr. Dave enjoying refreshments with his 12 elementary students and their mentors Hayley and Malorie.  They enjoyed a time of games and studying while I was there.
My exposure to these students and volunteer workers was a real blessing. They have become a new part of my prayer time every day. Won’t you remember these young people in your devotional time on a regular basis? They will benefit greatly from it!
Dave Jordan
Tiger Pause Volunteer

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