Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boys' Center Update

What does it take to be a man? What is a man? These are some of the questions I have been asking the middle school boys these past few months at the Boys Center. Over the past month we have had many discussions speaking on what it takes to be a man. A true man of God. While Christ was God in human form, He was also a man, and that is the type of man that we as men should strive to be like. It’s harder for middle school boys to grow up these days than at any other time in history. The pressures of society are stronger than ever and many boys grow up without a positive male role model to look to. Aside from what looks like difficult times ahead, God still reigns now and forever.

Looking at some characteristics of men, we looked at “The Resolution” or the covenant the men from the movie Courageous signed. The commitments the men made in signing that covenant are decisions that EVERY man should make to be what God created them to be. We discussed some simple things that they as young boys can do every day to help them become the men God created them to be - simple things such as respecting those in authority, serving other people, treating all people respectfully, and working hard in school (athletically and academically).

The most profound thing that had happened this past month was when two boys had come back to the Boys’ Center after everyone else had left. Mr. Bryan and I talked to the guys and these two young men turned their lives over to Christ and are now working toward being the men God created them to be. I had never expected anything like this to happen, but what Mr. Matt and my professors at Geneva had told me is true: the best time to minister and mentor is in a one-on-one setting.

I encourage all who read this to continue working hard in what it is you do. And for the men out there, whether you have children or not, be a father to the fatherless. This is the “fatherless generation” as some call it and these boys need to know that there are truly positive and wonderful men out there. Have a blessed rest of this year!

Chez Anderson
Boys’ Center Site Supervisor

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