Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Midland Center Update

My name is Miss Hayley. Here’s just a quick overview of how God is moving and shaking at our Midland site.

Midland consists of Pre-K - 8th grade students. Each one absolutely amazing and unique. Every one of the kids has been growing in their knowledge of the Bible and how to live by it. At Tiger Pause, our kids are learning about and putting into practice the leadership skills that it takes to encourage others toward Christ and to stand up for what’s right in their home lives and at school.

God has truly blessed us by growing our numbers! And with numbers comes more meals to serve. You know the loaves and fishes story from Matthew 14? Well, our kids at Midland know it too and they've seen it with their own eyes. Some days as the chairs around the table fill up, doubts tip toe their way in that we may not have enough "loaves and fishes" to go around. But when it comes down to the last tray, God has once again provided all we need with some to spare!

We all know that the body doesn't live on bread alone. Through our lesson times every day we have been able to learn about many of the stories in the Bible that some of us take for granted. The story of Moses and Daniel have been favorites. Gods faithfulness and ever-readiness to come to our rescue and save the day have been a regular topic from the lips of the youngest of our group all the way to the oldest. It’s wonderful to see how each student is taking in the word of God and even opening up the Bible to study it on their own.

Testimonies have played a great role in our lesson time. Learning everybody's "story of His glory" has grown us together and never fearing to get our hands a little dirty has made God’s love real. Everybody has struggles and there is a redemption story for each one of us. Getting this message and the truth about grace is not only a lesson at the Midland site but a passion. Please pray as God continues to grow us! Pray that God’s love will penetrate into the heart of each student as the year goes on. God is good...all the time! Lets not go quietly as we continue to tell the world of what He's done!

Hayley Dankert
Midland Center Assistant Site Supervisor

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