Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Note From The Director

At Tiger Pause we are always preaching, teaching, and showing the love of Christ, and that opportunity in itself is a blessing.  This August at Tiger Pause we got to experience one of the greatest expressions of love when our own Katelyn Blair married Carl Hermann. If being at the wedding wasn’t enough, when the maid of honor got up to give her toast, it brought tears to my eyes as Tiger Pause, the kids of Tiger Pause, and the city of Beaver Falls were mentioned time and again in her tribute. It was one of those moments in ministry when you sit back and say to yourself, “I just won the Super Bowl.” Yoi, double yoi!  You really think I would do a September newsletter without mentioning the greatest game ever played?

Last year, this issue of football mania was sort of prophetic with two of my old teammates moving back to the Beaver County. It couldn’t have come at a better time as Blackhawk is 0-2. So, I’m going to use my gift and go out on a limb: Beaver Falls will beat Aliquippa this year. Don’t call me Joe Namath, just call me Matt Nance, baby.

We have been beating mental toughness into these boys since they entered 6th grade. With Mike and Petey Lyons, the “Brothers of Thunder,” I’m positive the big finger will be pointed heavenward on October 18th, two days after the scheduled birth of my last son, Caleb.

As you can tell it will be an exciting week at the homestead. Maybe just as exciting as Dave Slebodnik’s week as he got engaged to his girlfriend, Kristen Rendulic. The two met while working at a Tiger Pause - Geneva College volunteer day. With a gentle push and some background work from the man who wished he was Magnum P.I., the two made their first date arrangements at the Beez Café, and the rest is history. I’m quite confident I won’t be able to give a toast at the wedding, but I will bring black and orange party poppers to the reception.  Congratulations Dave and Kristen!

Semper Fi,

Matt Nance

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