Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Note from the Director

I’m able to meet with pastors for a Bible study twice each month and was encouraged by one who shared this bit of wisdom with me:

There are three kinds of people you deal with as a leader: 
Those who are with you and for you, 
those who are with you but not for you,
 and those that are neither with you nor for you. 
Regardless of where they are with you, 
you need to work with them and through them. 

I might guess that my friends and readers have had to deal with more than their fair share of problem people as well, many times from inside the church. But, as another pastor friend of mine (one who is with me and for me) said, “The church is like Noah’s Ark. It stinks inside, but sure destruction awaits outside.”

The intent of this letter is not to state the obvious, but to challenge you to focus on the encouragers and remember that God will bring those “for you/with you people” at different seasons in your life. I thought about this as I attended Peggy Javens’ viewing. Her life’s work and dedication to the Lord were evident as the hundreds of people who attended it were touched by her faith. I thought of that summer when her husband Bob, who was struggling with a bad back, withstood 90o heat and humidity to take hundreds of kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo, Science Center, and Pirate Baseball games. If that is not taking grenades into the trenches, then nothing is.

I think in today’s world it’s good to be reminded that there are preachers of Christ who are willing to share wisdom, men and women like Bob and Peggy Javens willing to share their gifts with others, and the waves of life that remind us to get in the boat, find a paddle, suck it up, and sing the Marine Corps Hymn.

Mr. Bob, whenever you look upon heaven’s scene, we pray you are comforted that Miss Peggy walks on streets of gold guarded by United States Marines.

Semper Fi,

Matt Nance

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