Friday, November 16, 2012

Morado Center Update

Nobody Greater Than You…

That song, “Nobody Greater Than You”, was taught to the students at our site when our after-school program resumed in September. The song goes on to say, “I searched all over, couldn’t find nobody, I searched high and low, still couldn’t find nobody. Nobody greater than You.” That is the lesson we wanted to instill into the spirit of the students at the Tiger Pause Morado Center. God is the greatest and there is none like Him anywhere. By week two of the program, they were still singing that song with power, purpose, and conviction. They believe and know that there is nobody like God. The angels in heaven cannot sing God’s praises any better than these students. As a matter of fact, the angels may be a little envious! ☺

Things continue to be great at Morado. We have a nice balance of old and new faces, all eager to have a nourishing meal, get the homework done, and learn more about God. When it comes to the Word, I try to stress to the students and tutors the principle of application. All the wonderful things we learn about God mean nothing if we don’t apply what we learn to how we live. So, we ask that you continue to pray for us as we strive to live and be the best that God would have us to be! Oh, last, but not least, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Love and blessings,

Mrs. Sabrina Tench
Morado Site Supervisor

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