Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pleasantview Center Update

As we started a new year school year, I began working at our after-school center at Pleasantview Homes. This was a new location for me with a new set of Geneva tutors. Being that it was the start of the program and working with a group of new kids, I wasn’t sure how much they already knew about God. So, I decided to start from the beginning with our Bible lessons. After all, God is the beginning.

I read to the kids, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” I explained that God created the whole world because in the beginning there was nothing. I asked them to guess how long it took God to create the world, hoping that one of the 20 kids in the room would know that He made it in a week. Their guesses were way off. I heard everything from “an hour” to “a billion years”. The last guess was from a kindergarten-aged girl who, with question in her voice, said, “Ummm, He’s still creating it?”

After our lesson, I began thinking about her answer. God does continue to make us new and redeem His Creation. He is still creating. He is not finished with us and He is not finished with His children. Her guess of how long it took to create the world was a reminder to me that God is still making us new. At times when I become frustrated with the after-school kids arguing or not doing their homework, I remember that God isn’t finished with them and I hope to be used by God as a part of their spiritual growth. Through our daily homework, shared meals, Bible lessons, and by just spending time together, I pray that God will continue to work in the lives of these children and our staff and keep creating us into the people He has for us to be.

Mackenzie Brady
Pleasantview Site Supervisor

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