Thursday, August 2, 2012

Praise and Worship Concert

Hey everybody!

     On Thursday, July 26, 2012, our Downtown Center was packed to the brim in anticipation of the Tiger Pause Praise & Worship Concert!  Kids and staff alike shined up their best shoes and dressed in their Sunday finest (black and white attire) in preparation to lead a time of praise to the Lord with family and members of the community in attendance.  The kids had spent all summer practicing various songs that Mrs. Tina Davis had selected for both the older and littler kids’ choir. When the program was about to begin, the staff lined their campers in order and led them upstairs to the sanctuary.  Throughout the event, the choir sang four beautiful, moving selections that praised the Lord for His goodness and love. Staff and counselors also participated, singing solos, speaking, and even taking part in a drama directed by Minister Katherine Cansler.  Executive Director Matt Nance was a co-MC for the program, along with counselor Chez Anderson. Audience and family member were invited to a cook out immediately following.  Overall, it was a wonderful day; the air-conditioned sanctuary was a delightful turnaround from last summer’s 100+ indoor temperatures, the children and staff performed their numbers with skill and enthusiasm, and this praise and worship event represented a true showcase of everything our young people have been learning all throughout Summer Camp!


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