Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Camp Update

Hey everybody!

Update from Tiger Pause Summer Camp! We've had a blessed first half of camp and are still going strong!

On the first day of camp, boys played games of basketball and hockey as well as some intense rounds of four square. The girls, in the meantime, took part in some team building activities and expressed their creativity through bead making. The kids were immediately exposed to the value of sharing. The boys and girls separated for a while and engaged in these different activities that helped them understand the values of taking turns and working together.

The next day, we saw our kids serve the community by walking through the neighborhoods of Beaver Falls and picking up trash off the streets. The morning began at the Downtown Center with devotions and physical fitness activities. The kids and counselors spent time in prayer for the upcoming day and learning what it means to serve their community. Jeremy Kiger led exercises afterwards and got everybody’s blood flowing with jumping jacks and push-ups.

Once the kids were all ready to go, the groups hit the neighborhoods and cleaned the sidewalks and alleyways. After an hour of hard work, the group enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Downtown Center  provided by Mrs. Davis. Following the meal, the kids and counselors headed down to the Berkshire building to watch Madagascar 2 and munch on some fresh popcorn.

One of the counselors, Sarah Whalen, was excited to see the kids learn about caring for God’s creation and being good stewards of what He has given them. In a small way, they were able to see what giving back to their community looks like.

We have seen God’s hand at work in the lives of these kids! We really look forward to the all the other blessings He has in store for Tiger Pause during camp this summer!

Matt Marino
Tiger Pause Intern

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