Friday, September 19, 2014

A Note of Thanks

The past four years of my life I have spent in Beaver Falls. When I first arrived, I was very inexperienced with any culture and community besides that of the farm. I thought that city folk all had desk jobs, two kids, a dog and found long walks in the park entertaining. I could not have been more wrong. The week before I began Geneva College I came down into Beaver Falls to do community service. When we arrived at the site on 10th avenue and we were told to pull the weeds, I was all excited! I took off the ID and mail key we had just received from the college and built my pile directly on top of my ID and key. I never found them despite going back and looking, but what I did find was a Christian organization that was looking to clean up the city.

Since that first day working with Tiger Pause, I knew I had found people that I could call family. Mr. Matt asked if I would be interested in volunteering and I immediately signed up. I began tutoring in September of 2010 and met Ms. Tina. I must confess that I was intimidated by her for the longest time because I had never seen a woman take charge of kids the way she did. All she had to do was give a look and even the most rebellious of kids would stop and put their head down in shame. Working beside Ms. Tina helped me realize how much I loved kids. Once I came to this realization, I changed my major to education and have been dedicated to teaching children ever since.

As I mentioned before I was raised on a farm, so sometimes I have a need to get dirty and work hard. Mr. Matt took care of that need. I spent two summers on the work crew doing whatever needed done. There were days where I came back so tired, but I could smile because I had helped the city and the people of the city. Even though my efforts are just a few drops in the bucket, I can somewhat relate to Nehemiah who helped to restore the city of Jerusalem. While Beaver Falls has a long way to go, Tiger Pause is growing and supporting the youth who will one day run the city.

Tiger Pause is a body. It is a body where God is the head and Mr. Matt is the heart. Each person involved in Tiger Pause is a part of that body. If I ever needed a friend- Chez was there. If I ever needed a prayer- Mr. Brian was there. If I ever needed a word of advice- Mr. Matt was there. When I needed a paycheck- thank goodness Miss Kelly was there! Every person who becomes involved in Tiger Pause experiences two things: hard work and love. I could not have asked for more.

I am no longer with Tiger Pause now that I have begun teaching full time, but I wanted to take the time to show my true appreciation for all Tiger Pause has done for me. Thank you to everyone who was and is a part of Tiger Pause!

With much gratitude,
Curtis Covert

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