Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Intro


            For those of you who are taking the time to read, this is the launch of our first official Tiger Pause Blog! Perhaps you have worked with us in the past. There may be a chance that you have heard our name in the community. Maybe you have never heard of who we are. Anyhow, we are all about three things here at Tiger Pause:

Redeeming Lives ~ Building Leaders ~ Transforming Communities

            Tiger Pause was established in 1988, designed as an after-school haven where at-risk youth could have a healthy meal, receive help with homework, and learn God’s word. Over the years, Tiger Pause has grown and focused its strength and efforts into improving the academic performance of students in surrounding school districts, helping local families toward a life of self-sufficiency, and raising the quality of the workforce through education and hands-on learning. Through our various programs, and with Christ at its center, we hope minister to people in the community and give them tools and resources to reach their God-given potential.

            Tiger Pause focuses on Redeeming Lives at an early age. Kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade have the chance to come to our after-school program where they will be fed a good meal and receive tutoring for their homework, all the while being able to fellowship with their peers and the staff. This is a safe, wholesome environment where children can learn about Christ. Additionally, our summer camp program gives kids the opportunity to participate in community service.

            Tiger Pause also Builds Leaders. We see a need to educate citizens in our community with business and vocational training. Youth can participate in community service projects where they can learn basic skills in carpentry, electrical wiring, and plumbing. People can choose to work for their furniture provided by the Furniture Bank downtown in order to maintain personal integrity. If we can rewire the way our fellow citizens view honest, hard work, we hope to see a change in our community and slowly end the poverty cycle.

            Tiger Pause also desire to see Transformed Communities. Our outreach with the Furniture Bank provides low-income families with affordable furniture and appliances. For those with a greater need, we offer our Work4Stuff program where they can work at Tiger Pause and earn the items they need. In addition, the Beez Café serves as a place of fellowship for church groups and Bible studies.

            Our hope in posting to this blog each week is to minister to our community through the art of storytelling. Stories of our people. Stories of their experience in our program. Stories of how God is working through Tiger Pause and how He works in the lives of our people. We hope and pray it can be an encouragement to all who read and follow our story. 

Blessing to you all,


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